Nurturing A New Generation Of Leaders To Create A Thriving World.

Mindfulness and Communication

To learn how to communicate, one must first learn how to listen deeply. So deep that they are able to take on someone else’s perspective even when they do not agree with it. True listening comes from a place of non-judgement. When you learn how not to judge, describing what you see and feel becomes much easier. We teach young people how to listen using their heads, hearts and bodies. When you listen with your head, you listen for the story, which cultivates clarity. When we listen from the heart, we cultivate our compassion towards others. When we listen with the body we cultivate our intuition and presence because unlike the mind and the head, the body is always rooted in the present moment.

The Chinese have a ‘Philosophy of Water’ that describes it as a humble life giver which brings growth wherever it goes. The leaders who have done the most good in human history have all shared characteristics with water. They find solutions without force and they inspire others wherever they go. Our planet is in desperate need of leaders who think of themselves less. We teach student leaders how to break the vicious cycle of leading by wanting to control others and instead leading by strengthening their communities.

Leading With Compassion